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Heart Disease Specialist

Cardiovascular Institute of America

Cardiovascular Disease Specialist & Vein Specialist located in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL & Lutz, FL

Heart disease affects millions of Americans and kills over 600,000 men and women every year. At Cardiovascular Institute of America, the cardiovascular disease specialists, led by Muthu Velusamy, MD, FACC, ABVM, offer in-office diagnostic testing and treatment for heart disease to improve your heart health and quality of life. Call the office in Tampa or Lutz, Florida, or request an appointment online to discover why Cardiovascular Institute of America is known for being “Good at Heart.”

Heart Disease Q&A

What is heart disease?

Heart disease is a general medical term that encompasses all conditions and diseases that affect your heart or blood vessels. 

Though often used interchangeably, cardiovascular disease and heart disease aren’t the same things. Cardiovascular disease is a specific type of heart disease that causes blocked or narrowed blood vessels and includes coronary heart disease (narrowing or blockage of the major artery to your heart), which is the most common cause of heart disease in the United States. 

What is heart disease condition?

Heart disease conditions include diseases and defects that alter the structure or function of your heart. In addition to cardiovascular heart disease, other types include:


A cardiac arrhythmia, or heart rhythm disorder, is an irregular heartbeat caused by changes in the electrical impulses in your heart that control the rhythm of your heartbeat. 

Heart defects

Heart defects are structural heart problems. Most heart defects are present at birth.

Valvular heart disease

Your heart contains four valves that open and close to control the flow of blood through your heart. If your valves are damaged and not closing or opening properly, you have valvular heart disease.

How is heart disease diagnosed?

Cardiovascular Institute of America is a full-service practice and offers comprehensive evaluations and in-office testing to diagnose heart disease. During your assessment, the cardiovascular disease specialist asks detailed questions about your symptoms and medical history and then performs a physical exam.

Based on the information gathered during your exam, your specialist determines the type of diagnostic testing needed to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Your testing may include:

  • Lab work
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Stress test
  • Nuclear cardiology/stress test
  • Cardiac event monitoring
  • Right and left heart catheterization

Once you have a proper diagnosis, your cardiovascular specialist develops a targeted treatment plan to improve heart health and function. 

How is heart disease treated?

Treatment for heart disease may depend on the type, severity of your symptoms, your overall health, and age. If your heart disease is mild, the specialists at Cardiovascular Institute of America may suggest lifestyle changes and regular follow-up visits to monitor your heart condition.

If your heart disease is severe, the specialists at Cardiovascular Institute of America may recommend various interventions, such as:

  • Medication
  • Device implant
  • Percutaneous coronary intervention
  • Carotid artery surgery
  • Coronary stent placement and balloon angioplasty

The specialists review the details of your treatment plan with you and make changes as needed to maintain and improve heart health.

For comprehensive management of your heart disease, contact Cardiovascular Institute of America by phone or book an appointment online today.