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Heart Rhythm Management Specialist

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Your fluttering or racing heart may be harmless, or it may be a sign of a life-threatening illness. Dedicated to providing comprehensive care, cardiovascular disease specialists at Cardiovascular Institute of America, under the medical direction of Muthu Velusamy, MD, FACC, ABVM, offer a heart rhythm management program to diagnose and treat heart rhythm disorders. To schedule an evaluation, call the office in Tampa or Lutz, Florida, or book online today.

Heart Rhythm Management Q&A

What are heart rhythm disorders?

Heart rhythm disorders, also known as heart arrhythmias, are irregularities in your heartbeat. The changes occur when the electrical impulses that control your heartbeat are out of sync, causing your heart to beat too fast, too slow, or irregularly.

It’s not unusual to experience heart palpitations when under stress or after drinking too many cups of coffee, but your irregular heartbeat may also be a sign of more serious cardiovascular conditions, such as:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Supraventricular tachycardia
  • Ventricular fibrillation
  • Sick sinus syndrome

Through the heart rhythm management program, cardiovascular disease specialists at Cardiovascular Institute of America determine the underlying cause of your irregular heartbeat and develop a plan to improve heart function and health. 

What is heart rhythm management?

Heart rhythm management at Cardiovascular Institute of America is a comprehensive program dedicated to diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders. The full-service practice includes experienced cardiovascular specialists and in-office testing, so you get the answers and the care you need quickly. 

During your initial evaluation, your specialist asks detailed questions about your symptoms, medical and family history, and medication and supplement use. Your specialist then performs a physical exam and may request diagnostic tests to confirm or rule out the cause of your heart rhythm disorder. These tests may include:

  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Stress test
  • Nuclear cardiology/stress test
  • Cardiac event monitoring
  • Cardiac catheterization

Once you have a proper diagnosis, your specialist creates a focused treatment plan.

What are heart rhythm management treatments?

The cardiovascular disease specialists at Cardiovascular Institute of America develop individualized treatment plans for the management of heart rhythm disorders. The details of your plan may depend on the underlying cause of your irregular heartbeat, the severity of your symptoms, or your overall health. 

Initially, the team may recommend prescription drugs to control your heartbeat. However, if medication fails to improve the irregularity or causes unpleasant side effects, your specialist may recommend other interventions, such as:

  • Implantation of a pacemaker or automatic internal defibrillator
  • Cardioversion
  • Catheter ablation
  • Coronary bypass surgery

Your specialist also recommends you eat a healthy diet, engage in regular activity, and attend your follow-up appointments as scheduled.

Heart rhythm management is a comprehensive program that can explain and treat your abnormal heartbeat. Call Cardiovascular Institute of America today or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.