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Should I Worry About Heart Palpitations?

Should I Worry About Heart Palpitations?

 When someone scares you, you might feel like your heart skips a beat. If you receive bad news, it might seem as if your heart is dropping into your stomach. We describe so many different situations using heart-related language!

 Sometimes though, you may not be doing much, and have the sensation that your heart is racing, or perhaps it feels as if your heart is fluttering or not beating quite right. These can be scary feelings.

 Dr. Muthu Velusamy and his staff at Cardiovascular Institute of America would like to offer you some reassurance: Most of the time, heart palpitations are normal. 

 Take a moment as we describe a few common causes of heart palpitations, as well as when you should seek care from a cardiologist.

Palpitations can be startling

 Heart palpitations are quite common. In fact, they are the second-most common reason people seek out a cardiologist. Some of the causes of palpitations include: 

 More rarely, heart palpitations can be a sign of arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, or another heart condition

 When to get help

 If you run up a flight of stairs and feel as if you’re experiencing heart palpitations, you probably don’t need to worry. 

 However, if you have heart palpitations that are more frequent or more intense, or for no reason you can discern, you should schedule an appointment at the Cardiovascular Institute of America, especially if you have a diagnosed heart condition. 

 Dr. Velusamy begins with a physical exam and discussion of your medical history and symptoms. He also discusses your palpitations, when they happen, and any other symptoms you may be having.

After that, he may request that you have some diagnostic tests, including prescribing a heart monitor to wear, and  an echocardiogram. He will also order some blood test to check if something else is causing  the rhythm of your heart to change.

Depending on the information he gathers, Dr. Velusamy may recommend treatment. If you do require treatment, he tailors it carefully to your specific situation and schedules follow-up appointments to track your progress.

If your heartbeat doesn’t feel quite right, or you have concerns about palpitations, call the practice or book online to schedule an appointment at our Lutz or Tampa, Florida, locations. Dr. Velusamy is happy to answer your questions and discuss your situation in detail.

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